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Lab and Facilities

Instrumentation development lab

This is our playground. 

Here we are set up to develop and test photon based beam-paths, high vacuum circuits, robotics and whatever else comes to mind. 


This includes the world-first commercial multigas Plasma FIB (picture below). which we equipped with cryo-stage, cryo-transfer system and fluorescence microscope.

Ramaciotti Centre for cryo-ELectron Microscopy


We have regular access to the best-equipped cryoEM facility in Australia, featuring:

  • 1 FEI Titan Krios equipped with Volta Phase Plates and 2 Direct Electron Detectors (FEI Falcon II and Post GIF Gatan K2)

  • 1 FEI Arctica (To be installed)

  • 1 FEI Helios G4 with cryo stage

  • 1 FEI T12 Biotwin

  • 1 FEI Nova NanoSEM

Fabrication facilities

To build our instrumentation we access a number of local facilities, including mechanical workshops, the Monash Centre for Nanofabrication (MCN).

Here we have access to a fully equipped clean room together with UV and Electron Lithography.

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