Lab Members

A/Prof Alex de Marco
Principal Investigator

I obtained my PhD at EMBL (Heidelberg, Germany), where my work focused on the development of image processing methods to enhance the resolution of cryo-electron tomography. After I moved to FEI Company (now ThermoFisher Scientific) where I was responsible for the development of Correlative microscopy hardware and software solutions.

Since 2016 I returned to academic research to develop new technologies and methods to aid molecular imaging.

Dr Sergey Gorelick
Senior Scientist
  • Nanofabrication

  • Optical design

  • Focused Ion beam application development 

Dr Denis Korneev
  • Electron Microscopy

  • Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy

  • Large volume imaging

Heidi (Xuan) Cheng
  • Cryo-FIB

  • Ion-substrate interaction 

Cynthia Tavenau
  • Electron Microscopy

  • In situ structural biology

Genevieve Buckley
Scientific programmer
  • Image analysis 

  • Machine learning 

Dariush Ashtiani  
PhD Student 
  •  SAW atomisation and Concentration Gradient Generation (CGG) via microchannels     

  • Sample delivery for cryoEM

Yaqi Zhan
PhD Student
  •   Microfluidic devices for bio-molecule separation  

Erick Vargas  
PhD Student 
  • Micro-optics and microfluidics

  • Light-sheet imaging

David Dierickx
PhD Student
  • Image analysis

  • AFM