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PhD students

If you studied Physics and you are interested in developing new techniques and methods to understand the complex world of biology then you might well be a perfect candidate for this position.


Currently, there are 2 PhD student positions open:

  • The first project will focus mostly on image processing and mathematical modelling. The tools used will include tensor pattern analysis. 

  • The second project will focus mostly on the development of new light microscopy methods for super-resolution fluorescence microscopy: both hardware and image processing.

If you are interested, please contact Alex 

please send a CV, and a letter specifying which project you are interested in

In order to obtain a scholarship, you must have the following requirements:

 - English proficiency must be equivalent to a IELTS score of 6.5 (unless you are Native speaker)

 - If you are an Australian student you must be First Class Honours (H1); if you are not Australian an equivalent qualification is needed (~80% on a MSc). A publication is not required, although this can be beneficial. 


Top-up scholarships of $5,000 p.a. are available for students who have secured an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) scholarship or other full PhD scholarships.


Students that are interested in pursuing a Honours degree are welcome to apply and perform their research project with us.



Applicants with a variety of backgrounds are considered but experience in electron microscopy, nanofabrication and instrumentation development are advantageous. Successful postdoctoral researchers are expected to take a strong lead of their project and develop independent ideas.


If you are willing to join us do not hesitate to contact Alex.




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